PNK Sparrow

Finnish handmade Full Tang knives are made at the WoodsKnife workshop in Kauhava. Finnish knives designed by Harri Sealand are safe to use and finished down to the last detail.  

Blades for knives

The blades of WoodsKnife's knives come from Laurin Metalli Oy. The blade is made of high quality steel and is evenly hardened to a hardness of 59HRC / Induction hardened blades 62,5HRC. This guarantees the consistent quality of the knives.

Merimaa polishes the blades itself, which is one of the most important steps in the manufacture of knives. This makes the steel extra sharp and eliminates marks. It is a good idea to sharpen knives regularly, as using a sharp knife is easiest and safest. 

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PNK Sparrow


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